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Thema: Higher windshield for sport

Does somebody know a manifacturer of higher windshields for a Skorpion Sport. You know, that windshields with a "bubble"
Let me know soon......

Hi neighbour!

Here's the address where I got mine from:

GP 500 - Gläser aeroPlast GmbH

Am Harlyberg (Nr.?) ...not Harley!*g*
38690 Vienenburg

Tel. 0 53 24 / 22 64
Fax. 0 53 24 / 22 65

It's about 55 € incl. post&shipping. You can choose colour and thickness.

MRA once offered another one, but they should still have the negative prints. Unfortunantely I'm unable to tell you the address.

Good luck, Mirko

PS. What about taking french fries fat for gas...;-)

If you like to see some pics of the GP 500 screen, you could check out the official Skorpion-Cup page:

Have a look a "Fahrer" (drivers with bikes)

Thanks Mirko



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